Primaliqe – Liquid Leather Dyes

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Primaliqe Liquid Leather dyes are dye solutions of metal-complex dyes in a solvent combination and have extensive applications for Leather finishing on different leather products. These dyes are not simply dissolved in solvents but actually are manufactured ‘in-situ’ through a special manufacturing process. We are one of the leading liquid dyes manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Characteristics for Liquid Leather Dyes

  • These liquid leather dyes are concentrated anionic dye solutions free from NMP (N-Methyl-Pyrolidone)
  • Dyes manufactured ‘in-situ’ in a solvent combination give them a very good storage stability
  • Soluble in both Organic Solvents and Water, providing flexibility while dyeing leather and aqueous finishes
  • All dyes in this range are miscible with each other, which promotes better color matching
  • Dyes can be applied by printing, spray coating or curtain coating on all types of leather

Advantages of Liquid Leather Dyes

  1. Good light fastness
  2. High resistance to staining by water droplets
  3. Gives very bright and intense shades on leather
  4. All dyes in this range are quite suitable for various color matching

Applications of Liquid Leather Dyes

  1. Primaliqe Dye solutions can be used for finishing or coloring any kind of leather
  2. Spray dyeing for improving the final leveling and shade of various leathers
  3. Application includes Leather for Shoes, Furniture, Garments and Bags
  4. Creating/Printing special fashionable effects on leather
  5. Dyeing and shading water-based finishes and lacquers for coated leathers and glossy finishes
Primaliqe Dyes
1. Primaliqe Black PR Liquid 7. Primaliqe Royal Blue PR Liquid
2. Primaliqe Black PS Liquid 8. Primaliqe Light Brown PG Liquid
3. Primaliqe Yellow PR Liquid 9. Primaliqe Dark Brown PR
4. Primaliqe Yellow PG Liquid 10. Primaliqe Brown PB
5. Primaliqe Red Brown PR Liquid 11. Primaliqe Rubine PB
6. Primaliqe Orange PR Liquid 12. Primaliqe Cherry Red PG

Primaliqe Liquid DyesPrimaliqe Liquid DyesPrimaliqe Liquid DyesPrimaliqe Liquid DyesPrimaliqe Liquid Dyes