Primaplast – Polymer Soluble Dyes for Plastics

Polymer Soluble

Prima Chemicals started manufacturing Polymer soluble dyes in 2003 and since then, we have slowly but very steadily introduced new products into our range, which now covers a diverse range of colors as mentioned below. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Polymer soluble dyes for plastics in Ahmedabad, India. Our key advantages are:

Advantages of Primaplast – Polymer Soluble Dyes for Plastic

  1. Uniform shade and Quality maintained for all batches
  2. Good Thermal Stability and Light Fastness
  3. High Resistance to Migration
  4. Metal Content far below prescribed limits of EN 71/3 and AP 89, hence facilitating use of all our products for PET applications
  5. Primaplast Dyes dissolve completely in the plastics, melt at the respective processing temperature of the thermoplastics. This means – higher color yield and no shade variations

Applications of Primaplast – Polymer Soluble Dyes for Plastic

  1. Color Masterbatches
  2. Fibres
  3. Filaments
  4. Engineering Plastics like ABS,
  5. PET, PVC, Nylon etc.
shad card
property card
Sr.No. C.I Name Product Name Chemical Class
1 Red 52 Red 5B Anthrapyridone
2 Red 111 Red KMA Anthraquinone
3 Red 135 Red GHS Perinone
4 Red 168 Red KLB Anthraquinone
5 Red 179 Red OR Perinone
6 Red BB Monoazo
7 Red 207 Red T Anthraquinone
8 Yellow 93 Yellow 3G Methine
9 Yellow 114 Yellow G Quinoline
10 Yellow HG Quinoline
11 Yellow 163 Yellow GHS Anthraquinone
12 Yellow 6G- Methine
13 Yellow YR Azo
14 Orange 60 Orange 3G Perinone
15 Orange 63 Orange F2G Benzanthrone
16 Orange FR Azo
17 Blue 35 Blue 35 Anthraquinone
18 Blue 104 Blue BB Anthraquinone
19 Blue 122 Blue RR Anthraquinone
20 Blue 2RB
21 Green 3 Green B Anthraquinone
22 Green 5 Green F6G Perylene
23 Green 28 Green G Anthraquinone
24 Violet 13 Violet B Anthraquinone
25 Violet 14 Violet A Anthraquinone
26 Violet RB