Primasol – Metal Complex Solvent Dyes

Brush with green paint

We are manufacturing Metal-Complex Solvent dyes under the name of ‘Primasol Dyes’. We have selected only specialized dyes, which require expertise in manufacturing. This has led us to have an extensive and comprehensive range of speciality dyes meant for equally specialized applications. We are also manufacturing Solvent Black 29, which is a part of our Primasol range. We have an edge in this product since we are manufacturing the key intermediates in-house. We are, therefore, a popular Metal Complex Solvent Dyes manufacter and supplier in Ahmedabad, India.

Advantages of Metal Complex Dyes

  1. In-house manufacturing of input raw materials gives us precise control over Quality and Delivery
  2. Extensive range of products, which give brilliant colorations in inks and foils
  3. Excellent solubility in solvents like – Ethanol, MEK, Butyl Cellosolve, Ethoxy / Methoxy – Propanol and other aromatic solvents
  4. Low metal contents as per EN71 and no presence of banned amines as per 21CFR
  5. No precipitation even after long storage
  6. High Heat Stability

Applications for Metal Complex Solvent Dyes

  1. Printing Inks (Flexographic, Gravure and offset Inks)
  2. Inkjet Inks (Certain Products)
  3. Stationary Inks
  4. Wood Stains
  5. Paints – Industrial Paints, automotive and other solvent based paints
  6. Printing on Aluminium Foils
  7. Metallized Polyester Films
  8. Leather Topcoats
Product Name C.I.No.  
Primasol Black RLI Solvent Black 29 Neozapon X55/Orasol Black RLI
Primasol Black RE Solvent Black 27 Neozapon X51/Savinyl Black NS
Primasol Black RLSN Solvent Black 45 Savinyl Black RLSN
Primasol Brown GLS Mixture Savinyl Brown GLS
Primasol Red 2BL Solvent Red 132 Navipon Red BL
Primasol Red 3BLSE Solvent Red 91 Savinyl Red 3BLSE
Primasol Red 2BLSE Solvent Red 122 Orasol Red BL/Savinyl Red 4GLS
Primasol Red B Solvent Red 8  
Primasol Yellow R Solvent Yellow 82 Neozapon Yellow R
Primasol Yellow 2RLS Solvent Yellow 62 Savinyl Yellow 2RLS
Primasol Orange RL Solvent Orange 62 Savinyl Orange RLSE
Primasol Orange R Solvent Orange 99 Neozapon Orange R
Primasol Blue 2GLN Solvent Blue 48
Primasol Dark Violet R Acid Violet 66 Savinyl Dark Violet R
Primasol Violet R Solvent Violet 58  

• NOTE: Along with dyes for solvent-based wood stains, we also have a wide range of dyes for water-based wood stains. Kindly refer to our Primaliqe range of dyes.