Quality Assurance

Prima Chemicals is a leading dyes and intermediates manufacturer and supplier in India. We have a significant focus on quality control of both the input raw material and our finished products. Our QC Laboratory is equipped with the following instruments, each having its use as per the requirement of our wide range of products.

  1. Melting point apparatus
  2. Karl-Fischer for accurate moisture testing
  3. Spectrophotometer
  4. Applicator (for testing our Primasol range of solvent soluble dyes)
  5. Injection moulding machine (for testing Primaplast range of polymer soluble dyes)
  6. Facility for wet testing (i.e titration, purity analysis, N.V)
  7. Dyeing Machine for certain acid dyes
  8. Filter Index Machine (For testing FPV values of Primaplast dyes) as per EN/DIN norms

Primachemicals Quality AssurancePrimachemicals Quality Assurance