Director’s Message

Kamlesh Modi

Mr. Kamlesh Modi is an accomplished individual who holds an MSc degree in Organic chemistry. He began his professional journey as a chemist at Cadila and subsequently worked at a local manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad. However, owing to his robust understanding of chemistry, he aspired to launch his own business venture, and thus Prima chemicals was established in 1978.

Starting from scratch, Mr. Modi persevered and gradually expanded the company's presence, constantly introducing new products. By the early 2000s, Prima chemicals had become the leading manufacturer of Pyrazolones in India, and Mr. Modi had initiated forays into the colorants industry.With a hands-on approach and a wealth of knowledge, Mr. Kamlesh Modi remains dedicated to guiding Prima chemicals towards continued success.

Apurva Modi

Mr. Apurv Modi is an accomplished individual who joined his father's business after completing his MS in Organic Chemistry from the US. Possessing a strong technical background, much like his father, Mr. Modi identified new areas and products to diversify the company's portfolio.

Mr. Apurva Modi also recognized the need for a significant upgrade of the company's infrastructure, including the laboratory, plants, and equipment. From 2009 to the present day, under his watchful eye, the company has established three new units and nearly doubled its production capacity.

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