Liquid Dyes

Primatint Liquid Dyes

Primatint liquid dyes are concentrated dye solutions of metal complex dyes manufactured ‘in-situ’ through a chemical process. As one of the custom-producing liquid dyes manufacturers in India, we formulate products that can be diluted with solvents as well as with water and used as a dye stain on bare wood for interior surfaces.

Superior Quality Liquid Dyes Formulated With Precision

Our liquid dyes are meticulously manufactured in our state-of-the-art laboratories under stringent quality standards. We combine age-old craftsmanship with the latest technology and innovation to create dyes that enhance the appearance and performance of your wood products. The fundamental advantage of using liquid dyes is that they do not leave dust behind as compared to powdered dyes. Thus, these dyes are safer and easier to work with.

Whether you are looking for a perfect solution for your DIY endeavour or professional applications, our liquid dyes are available as custom orders. You can choose from a wide variety of shades, from subtle pastels to bold hues, to take your creations to the next level.

Why Choose Liquid Dyes from Prima Chemicals?

Reliable and Consistent Results

Our liquid dyes for wood staining are formulated to deliver consistent colour distribution and flawless results every time, ensuring your vision translates into reality on your wood canvas.

Unmatched Versatility

From rustic aesthetics to sleek modern designs, our wood stain dyes cater to a wide spectrum of styles. Their unique formulation and pure composition make them capable of diluting in solvents and water, which offers flexibility and convenience.

Expert Tips for Stunning Wood Finishes

Staining wood offers numerous benefits, from improving the look to protecting the natural material. As one of the leading liquid dyes manufacturers in India, we uncover our expert tips to help make your woodworking projects truly stand out:

Get the Wood Ready: Ensure your wood is clean, smooth, and free from any other type of coating before you start. This helps the dye to spread evenly and look great.

Apply in the Right Direction: To ensure even coverage, it is best to apply the liquid dye in the direction of the wood grains.

Practice First: If you are a beginner, try the dye on a small piece of wood before you work on your main project. This lets you see how it will look and make any changes if you need to.

Layer it On: For darker colours, you can apply more than one coat of dye. However, wait for each coat to dry before adding the next layer.

Keep it Protected: To enhance durability put a protective layer on top of the dye. This helps the colour stay vibrant and keeps your products looking attractive.

Contact us for further information on our liquid dyes. We offer different types of dyes, enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality wood products for furniture, accessories, and more.
Sr. No. Primatint Series Description Shades
1 Yellow G Liquid Greenish Yellow
2 Yellow R Liquid Reddish Yellow
3 Orange Liquid Natural shade of Orange
4 Cherry Red Liquid Tomato Red
5 Rubine Liquid Rubine
6 Light Brown Liquid Yellowish Brown
Sr. No. Primatint Series Description Shades
7 Red Brown Liquid Reddish Brown
8 Brown Liquid Neutral Brown
9 Dark Brown Liquid Darkish Brown
10 Royal Blue Liquid Inkish Blue
11 Black Liquid Deep Black



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