Liquid Leather Dyes

Primaliqe – Liquid Leather Dyes

Primaliqe Liquid Leather dyes are dye solutions of metal-complex dyes in a solvent combination and have extensive applications for Leather finishing on different leather products. These dyes are not simply dissolved in solvents but actually are manufactured ‘in-situ’ through a special manufacturing process. We are one of the leading liquid dyes manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Unique Features of Liquid Leather Dyes

Sr. No. Primaliqe Dyes
1 Primaliqe Black PR Liquid
2 Primaliqe Black PS Liquid
3 Primaliqe Yellow PR Liquid
4 Primaliqe Yellow PG Liquid
5 Primaliqe Red Brown PR Liquid
6 Primaliqe Orange PR Liquid
Sr. No. Primaliqe Dyes
7 Primaliqe Royal Blue PR Liquid
8 Primaliqe Light Brown PG Liquid
9 Primaliqe Dark Brown PR
10 Primaliqe Brown PB
11 Primaliqe Rubine PB
12 Primaliqe Cherry Red PG



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