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Prima Chemicals

Manufacturer of Solvent Dyes & Pigments Intermediates in India


About Prima Chemicals

Prima Chemicals, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India was founded in 1976 for manufacturing Pyrazolones, which are used as intermediates for Pigments, Acid dyes and Solvent Dyes. What began as a small unit is now the single largest manufacturer of Pyrazolones derivatives in the world.

Our strength is our knowledge, hard work and humble beginnings and hence, we always opt for niche segments where technical expertise and active management involvement is needed to carry out the production.


6 +

Manufacturing Units

40 +

years of experience

350 +

corporate customers

50 +

presence in countries worldwide

Why Prima Chemcials

Manufacturing Plant

Our manufacturing capabilities comprise specialized plants for different products, ensuring a robust production base.


We offer a diverse array of products that cater to a broad spectrum of applications.


With over four decades of experience in production, we have honed our expertise and are committed to delivering quality products.


We possess a strong technical foundation, enabling us to innovate and stay at the forefront of our industry.

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